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buy real estate in Cabo San Lucas, your cabo home, humberto escoto
buy real estate in Cabo San Lucas, your cabo home, humberto escoto

Buying real estate in Cabo San Lucas and beyond

If you’re looking for the best place for real estate outside the US or Canada, you’re in the right place. As you’ll see, there are many reasons why buying real estate in Cabo San Lucas, and all of Los Cabos, is a great choice.

In this informative article, let’s run down the list. That way, you’ll better understand what makes this amazing region so amazing. It’s not just amazing for investing, but for living part time or full time. Now, continue reading to uncover all the reasons why buying real estate in Cabo San Lucas and beyond is such an important consideration!

Cabo San Lucas and all of Los Cabos offers the good life

Cabo for short, this awe-inspiring region is at the southern end of the Baja California peninsula. It’s called Land’s End and is a truly world-renowned location.  There, you’ll find the famous city of Cabo San Lucas, which boasts the greatest nightlife scene in Cabo.  Then, there’s San Jose del Cabo, the peaceful fishing town that inspires the senses of those who visit.  Finally, nestled in the middle of these two beautiful towns lies the Golden Corridor, stretching between them.

Cabo is famous for many things, but two of them stand above the rest.  First is championship golf.  Cabo hosts some of the best golf courses in the world.  Many of them were designed by the greatest names in golf. To elaborate, these names include Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, who’s designed five golf courses in Cabo so far.  Next is fishing competitions.  Hosted by Bisbees, these are the biggest fishing competitions in the world, with payouts in the millions of dollars.

The two greatest bodies of water on Earth!

Once called “The World’s Aquarium” by Jacque Cousteau because of its great biodiversity, the Sea of Cortez is the most biologically diverse body of water on Earth. To explain, it supports over 900 varieties of fish. And, it supports more than 2,000 species of marine invertebrates. Also, It’s home to many endemic species, which are creatures that only exist there, and nowhere else on Earth.

Then there’s the Pacific Ocean, the largest and deepest ocean in the world.  Having colder waters and bigger waves, not very many beaches on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula are swimmable.  So be warned!  Don’t let the panoramic beauty of this coastline fool you.  Use caution when choosing a beach for swimming, surfing, or snorkeling.

Buying real estate in an amazing Cabo community

Whether you’re looking for a vacation rental or are interested in buying real estate in Cabo San Lucas and beyond, check out the following Cabo communities that will truly amaze you!

Uncover Rivieri Pueblo Mediterraneo for yourself

Over the last couple of years, builders and developers have been largely focused here. They focus on delivering condos to the hot real estate market in Cabo.  And for good reason – popularity.  But now, there’s a large gap in the market and single family homes are hard to find.


The homes and duplexes of Rivieri are situated within an extraordinary community. To begin, it offers the best amenities to enjoy your investment.  These amenities include a swimming pool, dog park, pickleball court, and a clubhouse. This clubhouse boasts a spectacular terrace where you can admire the breathtaking sunsets over the Sea of Cortez.

Check out the amazing Vistas del Tezal

Being a new pre-construction opportunity located in the Cabo Corridor, Vistas del Tezal condos offer two and three bedroom options. They include 124- 167 m2 terraces. Also, there’s a semi-Olympic pool, a sundeck, a gym, and a rooftop terrace with a grill and social area. Underground, find parking with 24-hour security and more!


The El Tezal area is also home to a variety of amenities, including restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping centers. It is also conveniently located close to the Marina and downtown area of Cabo San Lucas. That is where you can find a wide variety of activities and entertainment options.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation home to escape to on the weekends or a rental property to generate income, El Tezal has something for everyone. Browse our listings today and discover the perfect property for you!

Cabo Mare blurs the lines between outdoor and indoor living

Redefining luxury in Los Cabos Mexico, Cabo Mare features leading architecture and design by Kom Studio. The design blurs the lines between outdoor and indoor living. And, it boasts stunning exterior and interiors that blend rich Mexican heritage and innovative design. These luxurious oceanfront residences combine contemporary influences, timeless aesthetic and awe-inspiring panoramic vistas.


Cabo Mare is the perfect place to relax, while still being close to all the action. Poised in the midst of a nature lovers paradise, residents are front-row and center for everything from renowned golf courses to retail indulgences. For all things culinary, more than 100 restaurants there serve every cuisine imaginable.

Buying real estate in Cabo San Lucas at Punta Mirante

Nestled along Mexico’s stunning Pacific coast, Punta Mirante is a remarkable new neighborhood! It’s situated at the highest point of Los Cabos’ most exclusive area. Offering awe-inspiring views of the Cabo San Lucas Arch and the bay, Punta Mirante’s breathtaking vistas are simply unmatched.


Punta Mirante is located in El Tezal, one of Cabo’s most desirable residential areas. Also, Punta Mirante is a low-density boutique community offering a limited collection of 60 well-appointed residences and 60 spacious condos. And, the development offers exceptional amenities. These include a clubhouse, green areas, a pool, gym, kids’ zone, and breathtaking views of Cabo San Lucas Bay.

See the elegant sophistication of Las Residencias

Designed and furnished with the kind of elegant sophistication that members and their guests would come to expect from one of the finest resort communities in Los Cabos Mexico, Las Residencias will truly amaze you.


About six kilometers from Wild Canyon Adventures, Las Residencias provides elegant rooms. They include a full kitchen equipped with a coffee/tea maker, a toaster and an ice machine, seating area, dining room and features a large covered patio area with private spa and a plunge pool.

Featuring a number of outdoor pools, a pickleball court, a tennis court, and a gym, Las Residencias Beach And Golf Club is located less than three miles from Chileno Bay Public Beach. This accommodation welcomes guests since 2016 in San José del Cabo. The property is located one kilometer from the city center and is close to Cabo Real Golf Course.

Damiana Residences offers a design that is modern and clean

Being a community of luxury and comfort, Damiana Residences provides a touch of elegance. It denotes the contrast of the desert and the ocean in the paradise of Los Cabos Mexico. As such, discover the elegant architecture of your new home. Then, enjoy spaces full of luxury and comfort designed specifically for you.


Damiana Residences expresses a modern and clean design with ample spaces within the residences. They’re designed in harmony with nature. To explain, they bring together the elements of the area with a modern and contemporary architecture that make Damiana Residences something special.

It also offers a unique landscaping design within the community. There, discover the large vegetation that is native to the state. Then, see the generous spaces creating a sense of harmony and temperance when walking through the green areas.

El Encanto de la Laguna evokes the stylistic movement spirit

Featuring a stunning collection of villas and condominiums, El Encanto de la Laguna is situated among one of the most incredible settings in the world, in Los Cabos Mexico. And, the development team of El Encanto de La Laguna is proud to announce the completion of the Vera-Neo Beach Club and Fitness Center.


Evoking the spirit of the stylistic movement, which began as a Spanish colonial style in Mexico, each luxury home and condo in the gated community exhibits aesthetics that are marked by mesmerizing silhouettes, arched entryways, raised ceilings with exposed beams, and solid wooden doors.

Buying real estate in Cabo San Lucas at Copala in Quivira

Being the first full-ownership ocean-view community within Quivira, Copala’s name is derived from a silver mining community on the mainland of Mexico. When developed, Copala was envisioned as a village with a colorful and cozy feel reminiscent of coastal communities along the Mediterranean.


Having eight floorplans to choose from, the 86 home sites are sheltered in the embrace of the seven condo towers. They offer both two and three bedroom floor plan options.

With a gym, a cross-fit room, a pool, a Jacuzzi, a deli, a theater, massage therapy rooms, locker rooms, a business center, a children’s pool, and a restaurant, the Copala Clubhouse provides all you need with a friendly and helpful staff to help you enjoy it.

Lumaria Condos creates warm and inviting environments throughout

A quiet, secure, and comfortable residence surrounded located along the Cabo Corridor in El Tezal, Lumaria is only eight minutes from Cabo San Lucas. This development is comprised of three contemporary-style towers, offering views of the Arch that marks Land’s End and the Cabo San Lucas Bay, creating the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy.


The spaces at Lumaria are enhanced, by carefully selected details and finishes like granite countertops and travertine floors that come together to create warm and inviting environments. All the while, its infrastructure is designed to offer convenience and functionality in a way that is conscious and respectful of the natural environment.

Lumaria offers two and three-bedroom condos that feature open spaces, column-free design and generous windows that blend interior and outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy the incredible ocean views.

Do you own land when buying a condo in Cabo San Lucas?

There’s a simple answer to this question.  That answer is no, land ownership is not part of your purchase agreement.  But when you buy a condo, you do own the roof, floor, and the walls of the condo – they are yours.  Also, you own a percentage of the development based on the number of condos and their actual sizes.  This is stated within the CCNRs, which are the condo bylaws that give you a percentage of ownership.

See the latest immigration process in Mexico

Prior to buying a home in Mexico, you must have an immigration form.  Recently, the process for filling out that immigration form has changed.  As such, the latest immigration process is to fill it out online.  This isn’t required for the average tourist coming into Mexico, but for those who seek to purchase real estate in Mexico.

What’s important to know is that if you intend on buying a home in Mexico, you need a tourist visa to close on a sale of your home.  Many clients don’t have that tourist visa when they start the process.  We quickly inform them that when they decide on buying real estate in Cabo San Lucas and beyond, they need that visa to present to the notary at closing.

Once you buy real estate in Cabo San Lucas and beyond, you are no longer a “tourist.”  As such, it’s important to attain a Resident Visa.  Owning property means paying property taxes along with other legal obligations in Mexico.

The first Resident Visa is the Temporary Residency Visa.  Then, the second one is called the Permanent Resident Visa.  The Temporary Visa must be renewed and you need to have a Temporary Visa for at least four years before you can get a Permanent Resident Visa.

Temporary Resident Visas can be one, two, or three year visas.  Then, they simply get renewed or updated to permanent.  It all depends on your own situation and how long you stay in Mexico.  Also, it allows you to earn income in Mexico.

Buying pre-construction projects Cabo San Lucas and beyond

An important item to look for with a development under construction is that it is on the move.  To explain, it’s important that there are people on the construction site making progress.  Also, who is the developer?  If the developer has a strong reputation, you will be confident that the project will complete on time and at the highest standards.

Developments that are being constructed allow you to purchase early at a lower price.  That means, while the project is being completed, the value is constantly rising.  By the time you move in, the value will be higher, sometimes much higher, than your purchase price.  And the earlier you buy, the lower the purchase price.

Are there disadvantages? Of course, and that’s why I’ll tell you which are the red flags you should pay attention to before investing your money.  As such, I’ll always ensure that the developers have great reputations and that the contracts they use protect you just as much as they protect them – they are well balanced.

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