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Cabo San Lucas cruise, Your Cabo Home, Humberto Escoto
Cabo San Lucas cruise, Your Cabo Home, Humberto Escoto

Cabo San Lucas Cruise: Enjoy true bliss!

Come and visit a world-renowned destination on a Cabo San Lucas cruise.  Make all of your dreams come true, all at once, at one fantastic famous destination.  As you’ll see, that’s just the beginning!  After arriving from your Cabo San Lucas cruise, your tour guide will open up a world of fun and adventure, from morning until nighttime!

Not enough can be said about how amazing Cabo San Lucas really is – it truly has it all!  Therefore, continue reading to uncover what one wonderful day in Cabo San Lucas can look like.  Then, read about the wonderful cruise-line options you can book for your beautiful Cabo San Lucas cruise.

Two amazing Carnival Cruises to Cabo San Lucas

If you’re looking for a beautiful cruise destination to call your own, a Carnival cruise to Cabo San Lucas should be at the top of your list. You’ll return home with spectacular vacation photos that get all the Likes! Cabo San Lucas makes its home on the Baja California peninsula, the second longest in the world, sitting pretty down at the south end, called Land’s End.

Carnival Pride Cabo San Lucas cruise

Take a voyage to Cabo San Lucas on Carnival Pride, the Spirit-class cruise ship that offers larger staterooms and quicker travel times.  And, when you take a Carnival Pride cruise, you will experience the best in entertainment, dining, and nightlife.  Then, when you arrive in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll discover one of the best cruise destinations in the world.

When you travel on Carnival Pride, there are three dinner-seating options to choose from.  First, “Your Time” open seating is from 5:45pm and 9:30pm.  Next, “Early Seating” is at 6:00pm.  Finally, “Late Seating” starts at 8:15pm.  And, when you book your cruise, you may confirm your seating choice.  For early and late seating, your assigned dining room and table number will be printed on your Sail & Sign card, which you’ll receive during check-in prior to embarkation.

To mix it up, take advantage of the other dining options Carnival Pride has to offer.  First, there’s the casual-bistro Lido Deck Restaurant.  Then, check out the elegant Steakhouse Restaurant, which serves excellent steaks and other delicious entrées in an intimate, upscale atmosphere.  And, if you’re in the mood for Italian cuisine, try Cucina del Capitano during your cruise.  Finally, there are additional dining options:  The Chef’s TableBonsai Sushi, and Ji Ji Asian Kitchen.  Please note, each of the additional dining options requires a nominal fee.

Cabo San Lucas cruise on the Carnival Miracle

Find exciting Cabo San Lucas shore excursions offered by Carnival Miracle.  In fact, there are 25 different excursions in Cabo San Lucas to choose from.  These range from Jeep adventures to zip-lining and swimming with the dolphins.  And, these excursions determine which order you can disembark the ship for your day ashore.  So, you get to be one of the first people off the ship after Carnival Miracle arrives in Cabo.

By design, Carnival Miracle is one of Carnival’s most comfortable ships.  It blends friendly, well-trained crew with an optimized layout that minimizes crowding.  And speaking of crew, there are over 900 crew members that cater to the ship’s 2,124-passenger capacity.  Also, public areas provide for a great passenger-traffic flow.  And, the well-organized Lido Deck efficiently thins-out crowds if they start to form.   Last, find two promenade desks that add even more space to keep crowds at a minimum.

Find additional features like 12 decks, several lounges, various restaurants, fun water-slides and many other splendid amenities.  And, one of the pools has a retractable roof, which allows the area to be used in rainy or cold-weather conditions.  Then, there are many cabin balconies.  To be specific, 64 percent of the cabins have a balcony.  This is a great increase as compared to the other ships in the Carnival fleet, which provides under 50 percent of cabins with their own balconies.

Back in September of 2014, Carnival Miracle delivered several tons of relief supplies to Cabo San Lucas in the aftermath of Hurricane Odile.  Dozens of pallets were offloaded from the ship.  To break it down, they contained bottled water, non-perishable food and toiletries.  Finally, the supplies were delivered to public-assistance agencies to help those in need.  Now, local residents are happy to see the return of Carnival Miracle to the port of Cabo San Lucas.

Start your day at Solomon’s Landing

Begin with a delicious breakfast overlooking the morning view of the marina on the Bay of Cabo San Lucas at Solomon’s Landing. Also, pick from a menu full of breakfast delights, all reasonably priced. So, whether you enjoy an omelette, waffles, or Mexican breakfast plates, find a great selection for your most important meal of the day. After starting your day with Solomons Landing, the rest of your day will go swimmingly.

At the top of their food chain is the succulent red lobster, which comes from the north Pacific.  This is known as a sweet, full-bodied lobster with a large tail, and is exquisitely prepared by Brian Solomon.  Also, according to Brian, the preparation makes a huge difference.  To explain, he flash-boils the lobster by removing it from the pot very quickly.  This provides a lobster tail that is optimally ready for preparation.

Cabo San Lucas day of golfing at Quivira

Designed by Jack Nicklaus, the Cabo San Lucas golf resort named Quivira is his sixth golf course in Mexico.  On top of that, Quivira is his best one yet!  For one, Quivira offers more Pacific Ocean views than any other Los Cabos golf resort.  Also, Golf Magazine named it “The Best New International Golf Course in 2014.”

Before beginning your game of golf, you’ll be inspired by the spectacular views.  First, there’s the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean at each hole.  Then, gaze upon the breath-taking steep cliffs of granite.  Next, enjoy looking at the wavy desert hills and gigantic sand dunes that are shaped by the wind.  As you’ll see, Jack Nicklaus sure did pick a scenic spot for a golf course at this Cabo San Lucas golf resort named Quivira.

The layout of this Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course starts on the beach, only 30 feet above sea level.  Then, it climbs to higher ground where your inspiration will grow as the breath-taking views increase.  Along the way, you’ll see a wonderful diversity from cactus and arroyos to dunes and cliffs.  There’s nothing like it!

Discover the arch of Cabo San Lucas

Historically, El Arco de Cabo San Lucas was known as the end of the world.  That was because there is nothing but ocean to the south – it’s located at the southern end of the Bay of Cabo San Lucas.  Also known as a cape, this awesome limestone rock formation is awe inspiring when you approach it.  And, when you

When you get here, you’ll see an amazing rock formation with an arch named “El Arco de Cabo San Lucas.”  And in English, that means: “The Arch of Cabo San Lucas.” looking beyond it to the south, you’ll understand exactly why early settlers called this “the end of the world.”

Now, come see the natural wonders and sea life around El Arco de Cabo San Lucas. Just take a short boat ride to this destination from one of the many available charters in Cabo San Lucas. And, there’s even a glass-bottomed boat you can take and watch the beautiful sea life on your way to El Arco de Cabo San Lucas.

Two Land’s End beaches at the arch of Cabo San Lucas

When you visit El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, you’ll discover two beaches: Playa de Amore (Beach of Love) and Playa Divorcio (Divorce Beach). As you can probably guess, Playa de Amore is generally calm and it’s a great place to swim.

On the other hand, there are dangers afoot, if you ever venture into the waters of Playa Divorcio.

Playa Divorcio is great for laying on beach. But, It’s a very dangerous place to swim. For example, there are strong currents, crashing waves, and rip tides that can quickly pull you out to sea. So, stay out of the water along this beach! And beware, there are no lifeguards there. Swimming is much safer at Playa de Amore.

There’s an old superstition, that may be true, about love and tragedy. As the story goes: back in the 18th century, a beautiful local woman rescued a Japanese sailor near Lands End. They fell in love and enjoyed their time together at Playa de Amor. But then, the Japanese sailor was rejected by her father. So, in an act of anger, her father murdered the sailor. Then, she took her own life by committing suicide on Divorce Beach.

The famous Cabo San Lucas nightlife

There’s no place in Mexico quite like Cabo San Lucas. Not many famous destinations can boast the best of so many things. For example, Cabo San Lucas has the biggest fishing competitions in the world. Then, there’s golf. Yes, Cabo San Lucas entices the golfing world with many world-class championship golf courses. Of course, there’s much more, but let’s stay focused. Cabo San Lucas may be full of great distractions, but Cabo San Lucas nightlife is world-famous.

After a great day of golf, site-seeing, swimming, Cabo San Lucas fishing, tanning in the sun, or doing any other wonderful activity in Los Cabos, The Giggling Marlin is the place to go for great food, great drinks, and great fun! There, you’ll find an often rowdy, and sometimes risque floor show, where you can eat, drink, and party to your heart’s desire.

Where to go at night on your Cabo San Lucas cruise

The Giggling Marlin serves awesome Mexican dishes in addition to fresh seafood. And, be sure to try the Seafood Orgy, a combo of lobster, shrimp, scallops, crab, and clams.

Next, head down to that “sleepy town, south of the border” and visit Cabo Wabo Cantina!  But first, read this quote from Sammy Hagar in Van Halen‘s hit song Cabo Wabo:

“If you go there once, you’ll be there twice – lots of pretty girls, coming by the dozens – the white sand sure makes a tan look nice.”

Established by Sammy Hagar of Van Halen, back in 1990, Cabo Wabo Cantina is located on the south-east end of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  And, he created this famous cantina and restaurant to provide a place to “embrace all that makes you happy.”  So, when you visit, discover some of the best food, drinks and entertainment Cabo San Lucas nightlife has to offer.  And to find it, look down at land’s end, at the southern tip of Baja California.  Therefore, come find that famous sleepy town in Mexico.

The most extreme Cabo San Lucas nightlife

Is it a dance hall?  Or, is it a restaurant?  El Squid Roe is three stories of pure party adrenaline, overflowing with drinks, dancing, and great food.  Located near the marina in Cabo San Lucas, El Squid Roe is a fiesta icon.  And, its popularity is unrivaled.  So, come experience the most exciting Cabo San Lucas nightlife at El Squid Roe.  You’ll have the best night ever!

Two greatest bodies of water on Earth

Once called “The World’s Aquarium” by Jacque Cousteau because of its great biodiversity, the Sea of Cortez is the most biologically diverse body of water on Earth. To explain, it supports over 900 varieties of fish. And, it supports more than 2,000 species of marine invertebrates. Also, It’s home to many endemic species, which are creatures that only exist there, and nowhere else on Earth.

Then there’s the Pacific Ocean, the largest and deepest ocean in the world.  Having colder waters and bigger waves, not very many beaches on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula are swimmable.  So be warned!  Don’t let the panoramic beauty of this coastline fool you.  Use caution when choosing a beach for swimming, surfing, or snorkeling.

The Los Cabos Tourism Board

With the arrival of new luxury hotels combined with the incredible landscapes all around, the popularity of Los Cabos is huge.  In fact, many who visit simply fall in love with Los Cabos. Then, they decide to to make it their new home. As such, the Los Cabos Tourism Board is helping to spread the word.

According to Rodrigo Esponda, the director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board, he coordinates all of the marketing campaigns for Los Cabos.  As such, he’s responsible for shedding light on this amazing vacation destination to all the world.  Put simply, he gets paid to invite people to come and visit Los Cabos.

From promotional events and marketing campaigns for PR to coordination with the airlines to land in Los Cabos, Rodrigo brings the business case to the table so everyone involved understands the amazing benefits of doing business in Los Cabos.

Statistics and numbers drive the direction of the Los Cabos Tourism Board and right now, they look fantastic.  As such, it’s Rodrigo’s job to present the overall image of the Los Cabos destination. Also, he reveals just how amazing this place really is.

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