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living in cabo, your cabo home, humberto escoto
living in cabo, your cabo home, humberto escoto

LIVING IN CABO: The complete guide

From visiting Cabo and buying a home to moving and living in Cabo, this complete guide will show you the way! So if you’re looking for what you need to know about living in Cabo, you’ve come to the right place – this guide will reveal all you need to know.

Many people who visit Cabo decide to move there after discovering just how amazing this place really is. And as you’ll see, buying a home and living in Cabo is well within reach. That means, you could live in Cabo sooner than you may think. Therefore, read on to learn more!

The latest immigration process

Before buying a home in Mexico, you must have an immigration form.  Recently, the process for filling out that immigration form has changed.  As such, the latest immigration process is to fill it out online.  This isn’t required for the average tourist coming into Mexico, but for those who seek to purchase real estate in Mexico.

The important thing to know is that if you intend on buying a home in Mexico, you need a tourist visa to close on a sale of your home.  Many people who buy real estate in Cabo do not have a tourist visa when they start the process.  When they decide on a home to purchase, they do need that visa to present to the notary at closing.

New developments in Baja Sur are booming

There’s a new development located in El Tezal that combines great modern design and convenient living in one perfect package with stunning views to the Land’s End and the Sea of Cortez. It’s called Cuatrovientos and this new development will take your breath away.

Cuatrovientos residential complex has everything you need.  To begin, there are one, two, and three-bedroom condos and Penthouses with a private roof top deck.  Then, it’s located only a short distance from Costco, HomeDepot, Schools, Plaza Nova, a five-minute drive to downtown Cabo San Lucas and famous Medano Beach, twenty minutes to San Jose del Cabo, and thirty minutes to the International Airport.

Vistamar in El Tule

Vistamar Los Cabos, the exclusive private residential community located within El Tule, is situated right in the heart of Los Cabos.  To elaborate, this stunning community is nestled along the “Golden Corridor” that stretches between the famous towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. And being on the eastern shores of Baja California Sur, Vistamar Los Cabos offers the most stunning ocean views of the Sea of Cortez.

Calypso in La Ventana

Precisely in honor of Jacques Cousteau, the developers decided to name Calypso to this residential project because is the name of the boat he sailed to explore this region. Calypso, and all of La Ventana will captivate your senses. Like us, you will seek to promote this great place located just 30 minutes from the city of La Paz. Therefore, continue reading to uncover the beauty of this captivating place.

La Costa Buenavista on the East Cape

An affordable slice of heaven, La Costa Buenavista is located in one of the most desirable East Cape areas. And, it’s just minutes away from Los Barriles, where you will find great dining, bars and tourist shops. Now, continue reading to uncover more about these amazing and affordable condominiums just north of Cabo San Lucas along the great Sea of Cortez.

Vista Cerritos in Cerritos Beach

Vista Cerritos is a community of luxury condominiums situated in beautiful Los Cerritos. There, the condominiums sit centrally located to restaurants, spa services and farmers markets, just to name a few. Also, it’s only a three-minute walk to the popular Cerritos surf beach. This development consists of three low rise, four-story buildings, all equipped with one elevator per building.

Pacific Bay in Quivira

Pacific Bay Residences offers seven private residences that will truly impress.  From the amazing 3.1 miles of the private pristine white-sand beach to the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, seven owners at Pacific Bay Residences in Quivira Los Cabos will enjoy a splendid condominium like no other.

Montemar in Cabo San Lucas

Having magnificent city views of Cabo San Lucas and panoramic views of Cabo San Lucas Bay, Montemar is a new 26-unit condominium complex that is worth a peak.  It’s located just steps away from some great restaurants.  Also, it’s located only a couple of blocks from the marina, where it all happens in Cabo.

Cenit offers Top Level Condo Living by Melisa Peña

Being a project developer all over Mexico, Melisa Peña is very excited to reveal this new condominium development project called Cenit.  She is now directing a newly-formed company called Baja Capstun that invests in great projects all over Mexico.  Since the market in Baja California Sur is so hot right now, this location was a great place to invest.

Melisa describes the land where Cenit is being constructed.  She compares it to the best locations in Mexico where people like Madonna and Cher love to stay.  And the reason why is simple…it presents 360 degree views from the highest point in San Jose del Cabo.  So from the majestic mountain range to the north, to the ocean views to the east, west, and south, nothing compares to this amazing Cabo location.

Condominium orientation is a primary aspect of Cenit.  As such, each condominium is oriented to maximize the views from this raised location.  In other words, each condominium will boast not only one, but two and even three amazing views.  And being so close to everything the city has to offer, you simply can’t beat this location.

Though being her first project in Baja California Sur, Melisa Peña has been involved with condominium developments in Monterey, Veracruz, Tijuana, Hermosillo, Tulum, and Mexico City. That means, she really understands what people are looking for in an amazing Mexican penthouse or condominium.

Discover the Q-life in Quivira for living in Cabo

Paloma Palacios, the Q-Life director, and Christian Rehmke, Quivira’s Master Plan operations director regularly presents the Q-Life in Quivira to those interested in living in Cabo.  Now, see what the Q-Life is all about as this luxurious master-planned community in Cabo will truly impress you.

Only joining Quivira recently, Christian Rehmke has spent 21 years working for The Four Seasons.  There, he travelled the world and experienced what true luxury accommodations really means.  These days, he loves living in Cabo and working as Quivira’s Master Plan operations director.

Q-Life is a luxury lifestyle program within Quivira for all of the communities residents.  The Q-Life represents six lifestyle pillars to enjoy.  First is Healthy Living, which refers to living life in balance.  Then, On Four Paws for your furry friends, Cultural Experiences to connect with culture, Flavors for memorable culinary experiences, Quivira Chillin’ covering resort-style living, and Cool Club providing non-stop fun for kids.

Enjoy golf lessons for kids and teens to experience a great time with your family and friends. Also, kids and teens can experience a great time in the Funlab.  After that, watch a movie in the cinema room, go fishing on the beach, check out local art, or join others with great literature in the Book Club.

Through Q-Life, residents will meet their neighbors and enjoy everything great life has to offer within Quivira. In other words, it’s not just a luxury community to own a home. Quivira is a master-planned community to live a wonderful life.

Learn about Mexican Capital Gains Taxes

Similar to how you are taxed in the United States and Canada, whenever you sell a property for more than you spent for it, that profit is treated as Capital Gains and is taxes as such.

Once you make a purchase, your currency is converted into Mexican Pesos at the current rate.  Then, those Pesos are used to purchase your new property.  As such, that purchase price is presented in Pesos. Next, when closing the sale, the selling price in Pesos is compared to what you originally paid for it in Pesos. If the selling price is higher than the purchase price, a Capital Gains tax is calculated.

IVA tax in Mexico REVEALED

The Mexican IVA tax is a sales tax in Mexico, is all about. The IVA tax is charged by the Federal government on all products and services. It is 16% of the purchase price. Fortunately, this tax does not apply to real estate, which has a 2% acquisition tax instead.

When you shop around in places like at Costco, expect to pay this sales tax just like in the United States and Canada. But of course, many of the small shops and taco stands don’t charge IVA.

American tax return requirements

According to Don Nelson, U.S. citizens must file income tax returns regardless of where they live in the world.  That means, they must report their world-wide income.  But of course, Americans get credit for taxes paid in foreign countries along with other benefits.  As Don mentions, many U.S. citizens are not aware of this.  As such, he helps them get caught up on their income tax returns.

The Market’s Evolution: From Strong to Normal

In 2022, the real estate market in Baja California Sur started with a bang. Properties were flying off the market, and sellers were reaping the rewards of high demand. However, as the year progressed, the market began to cool down, and by the middle of the year, it became evident that a shift was underway.

Benefits of the Mexico Permanent Resident Card

A Permanent Resident Card gives the holder similar rights to an actual Mexico citizen, excluding the right to vote. As such, with a Mexican Permanent Resident Card:

• Work without having to get a work permit
• Apply for free health insurance.
• Only apply once – being indefinite, there’s no need to renew it
• Enter and leave Mexico as many times as you want

Banca Mifel in Baja Sur REVEALED

Right now, Banca Mifel has two locations in Cabo – one location in Cabo San Lucas and the other location in San Jose del Cabo.  And with two locations and one to come, Banca Bifel offers a comprehensive banking and financial services that appeal to foreigners in Baja Sur.  They are soon opening another location to the north in Baja Sur in Loreto.

If you’re looking to optimize your financial situation in Cabo, you’ll have a better understanding of banking and finance in the area, as well as the opportunities and challenges facing the expat community.

Banca Mifel’s services for foreigners in these popular resort towns are quite impressive.  So as an expat or non-resident in Cabo, they know how essential it is to have access to reliable banking services.  For specifics, these services include checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and loans.

Cabo medical care REVEALED

Cabo medical tourism is basically traveling abroad for specialized or affordable medical treatments.   These days, many Americans, Canadians, and people from other countries are heading to Los Cabos to get quality inexpensive medical services.  There’s no doubt about the touristic fame of Cabo.

It may not be a familiar term to you yet, but over the last few years, medical tourism in Cabo has exploded – the search for medical services internationally.  That is an important reason for many people from all around the world to visit Cabo in the first place.

A great number of people have realized just how affordable and simple their medical procedures in Los Cabos are.  Therefore, imagine getting quality medical care and only paying one-third the cost.  Now, imagine visiting an amazing destination such as Los Cabos while getting that care.  That’s a win-win indeed!

Uncover the best Los Cabos Golf Courses

If you haven’t considered Cabo to be your next destination for golfing, you certainly will once you discover the breath-taking Los Cabos golf courses at Land’s End.  As you’ll see, these five awe-inspiring golf courses provide the best in panoramic views, exquisite course layout, and luxury real-estate options.

Diamante Cabo’s El Cardonal Golf Course

Designed by Tiger Woods, this 18-hole El Cardonal course is the second championship golf course created at Diamante Cabo,.  Also, being Tiger Wood’s first-ever design, he made this course long enough to challenge experts, yet open enough to provide good options for amateurs and beginners.  Also, as mentioned earlier, this Cabo golf course restores the need for golf strategy by providing good shot options at each hole.  So, it’s really an exiting test for golfers of any skill level.

The Cabo del Sol Ocean Course

This Jack Nicklaus designed 18-hole Cabo del Sol Ocean Course has been captivating world-class golfers since its opening in 1994.  This golf course stretches over a mile along the rugged coastline of the Sea of Cortez.  You’ll find seven holes perched right above the sea.  Then, as you wrap-up your game, play “the three finest finishing holes in all of golf,” according to Nicklaus.  And, the signature hole is at the 17th, a par-3 nestled among bunches of cacti, large boulders and a menacing cove.

To boast a little, according to the January, 2018 issue of Golf Digest, the Cabo del Sol Par-72 Ocean Course “Placed 70 in Golf Magazine’s list of World 100 Greatest Golf Courses.”  Globally, few public golf courses are held in higher regard.

See the Puerto Los Cabos Nicklaus-Two Course

Being a par-36 Jack Nicklaus signature course that recently opened in April of 2018, it’s similar to the Nicklaus-One course design style.  Also covering a dramatic elevation change, holes six through nine  ascend to higher ground after the first holes work their way down to the Sea of Cortez.  And, this course showcases the most spectacular views found on Puerto Los Cabos.

Cabo golf at Quivira

Discover Quivira’s own championship golf course.  As you’ll see, the layout of this Jack Nicklaus Signature Cabo golf course starts on the beach, only 30 feet above sea level.  Then, it climbs to higher ground where your inspiration will grow as the breath-taking views increase.  Along the way, you’ll see a wonderful diversity from cactus and arroyos to dunes and cliffs.  There’s nothing like it!

The Dunes Course at Diamante Cabo

See how this magnificent 18-hole Cabo golf course weaves through undulating Pacific sand dunes and provides panoramic ocean views from almost every hole.  Then, check out the excellent 14-acre practice facility, clubhouse restaurants and bars, retail center, on-course comfort stations at every third hole, and the signature service of Diamante Cabo.  Also, Dunes Course shares some similarities with the classic links-style courses in Scotland.  But, the weather in Cabo San Lucas is warmer, the sand is whiter, and the sea is a deeper blue.

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