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los cabos international airport, your cabo home, humberto escoto
los cabos international airport, your cabo home, humberto escoto

Los Cabos International Airport: Travel in style

Being the sixth largest airport in Mexico, Los Cabos International Airport now handles about five million passengers a year.  And, that number is going up fast.  For example, there were about 650,000 more passengers in 2017 than there was in 2016.  That was a 15% increase.

The Los Cabos International Airport was renovated and expanded back in 1997 by Mexican architect Manuel De Santiago-de Borbón González Bravo, the great-grandson of Queen Isabella II of Spain.  And, the expanded airport has two terminals.  To specify, Terminal One operates the domestic flights in Mexico, and Terminal Two handles all of the international flights.

Do you need a COVID-19 test to enter Mexico?

To begin, the answer is no, you are not required to have a test or be vaccinated to travel to Los Cabos Mexico.

At the Los Cabos International Airport, their priority is to maintain the wellbeing of our passengers, associates and the communities in which we operate. Los Cabos Airport is currently applying preventive measures to be followed regarding COVID-19 alongside with Mexico’s Health Department, the Federal Aviation Agency (AFAC) and the Airports Council International (ACI).

What to expect at the Los Cabos International Airport

There are a wide variety of facilities and services within the Los Cabos International Airport terminals:

If you must spend time within Los Cabos International Airport while traveling for business or pleasure, the VIP Lounge offers you a relaxing space to enjoy a soothing environment while waiting for your flight.  To elaborate, it includes:

The Los Cabos International Airport passport requirements

Check with your airline on the policies they have in place to transport you as you will be transported by their services. US Citizens who are returning from Mexico require a passport, birth certificate, resident alien or a SENTRI card.

You must prove that you are a legal resident in the United States of America, not a citizen, to get in and out of Mexico. U.S. citizens should be aware that a valid passport book is required to enter Mexico by air, and that those attempting to enter at an airport with a U.S. passport card only may be denied admission.

Any person traveling into Mexico needs to carry their country’s legal passport for entry and departure. This includes minors or all ages. On top of that, a parent or legal guardian departing Mexico with minor children should carry a notarized consent letter from the other parent if traveling separately.

Info about Los Cabos tourism

The Los Cabos Tourism Board promotes Los Cabos’ identity. Then, it attracts its visitors and generates many economic benefits regarding the sustainable local tourism industry. As such, their vision is to consolidate Los Cabos as a preferred destination for both leisure and business travelers. On top of that, they aim to keep the marketing strategy in place. That way, they generate benefits for the tourism industry with responsibility for natural resources and local culture.

Are personal golf clubs allowed?

Yes, you can bring in your own personal golf clubs for use while you are on vacation in Los Cabos. We highly recommend to use a travel golf bag to protect your equipment in transit.

Losing your Mexican Tourist Visa

If you have lost your tourist card, or if your tourist card has expired, you may be fined upon leaving Mexico. If you have lost your Mexican tourist card you can replace it at Terminal Two of SJD Airport. There is a Mexican Customs office located at passenger drop-off at the southern area of ticketing.

Please note that a tourist visa is required if you are visiting for more than 180 days.

Bringing prescription drugs back from Mexico

In most countries, including the United States, a prescription from a Mexican doctor is no longer adequate to re-enter with pharmaceutical drugs. Many drug products not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will likely not be acceptable for importation.

Passport or personal identification left at the security checkpoint

The Los Cabos International Airport collects all personal identifications left in security. It is their goal to reunite passengers with all lost or unclaimed personal property, including personal identification items left behind at a checkpoint. Please contact them directly at +52 624 146 5111. If the ID is not claimed within 30 days, it is destroyed.

Bringing your pet or pets into Mexico

Although you can bring your pets into Mexico, there are restrictions for cats and dogs and even more for other animals. Every airline has rules about taking pets when you travel to Los Cabos Mexico. Please check your airline for details and policies about traveling with pets into Mexico.

In order to bring your pet into Mexico, you must present the following items upon arrival at the Los Cabos International Airport:

The Los Cabos International Airport carry-on baggage

Size dimensions at the Los Cabos International Airport for carry-on baggage vary by airlines. Please contact your airline to ensure what can fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you when traveling.

What time to arrive at the Los Cabos International Airport

If flying within Mexico, make sure yo arrive no later than two hours before your departing time. If you’re flying internationally, make sure you arrive no later than three hours before your departing time.

Be sure to allow time for parking and shuttle transportation, airline check-in, obtaining a boarding pass, and going through the security screening process. That process includes the screening of all your carry-on baggage.

Next, uncover all there is to know about Los Cabos Mexico and beyond.

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