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Los Cabos Tourism, Your Cabo Home, Humberto Escoto
Los Cabos Tourism, Your Cabo Home, Humberto Escoto

Los Cabos Tourism: Get the inside info

With the arrival of new luxury hotels combined with the incredible landscapes all around, the popularity of Los Cabos is huge.  In fact, many who visit simply fall in love with Los Cabos. Then, they decide to to make it their new home. As such, the Los Cabos Tourism Board is helping to spread the word.

To discover more about what makes Los Cabos so amazing and how the Los Cabos Tourism Board is helping to make Los Cabos a popular destination, continue reading.

The Los Cabos Tourism Board REVEALED

According to Rodrigo Esponda, the director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board, he coordinates all of the marketing campaigns for Los Cabos.  As such, he’s responsible for shedding light on this amazing vacation destination to all the world.  Put simply, he gets paid to invite people to come and visit Los Cabos.

From promotional events and marketing campaigns for PR to coordination with the airlines to land in Los Cabos, Rodrigo brings the business case to the table so everyone involved understands the amazing benefits of doing business in Los Cabos.

Statistics and numbers drive the direction of the Los Cabos Tourism Board and right now, they look fantastic.  As such, it’s Rodrigo’s job to present the overall image of the Los Cabos destination. Also, he reveals just how amazing this place really is.

Mission statement

The Los Cabos Tourism Board promotes Los Cabos’ identity. Then, it attracts its visitors and generates many economic benefits regarding the sustainable local tourism industry. As such, their vision is to consolidate Los Cabos as a preferred destination for both leisure and business travelers. On top of that, they aim to keep the marketing strategy in place. That way, they generate benefits for the tourism industry with responsibility for natural resources and local culture.

They are an official independent body dedicated to promoting the region´s tourism facilities and assets, both nationally and internationally. Their office provides visitors with info about Los Cabos and its many facets.

The Meetings and Conventions team within the Los Cabos Tourism Board works with organizers and planners to structure meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions.  They are ready to be your strategic partner and ensure your event is unique, successful, and unforgettable.

About Rodrigo Esponda

As the Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board, Rodrigo Esponda welcomes you to Los Cabos. This magnificent region is one of Mexico’s most sought-after destinations. As you’ll see, Los Cabos is a place where the desert meets the sea and the mountains. Also, it’s where visitors can enjoy a variety of experiences, from world-class golfing to deep-sea fishing, from luxury spas to cultural festivals.

This amazing destination has something for everyone! From adventure seekers looking for excitement to families just looking to relax, Los Cabos has it all. The Los Cabos Tourism Board takes pride in their commitment to sustainability and preserving our natural environment. Los Cabos is also a safe and welcoming place to visit. It boasts a friendly community that is eager to share our culture and traditions with visitors.

Attracting airlines to Los Cabos

As mentioned, one of Rodrigo’s jobs is to attract airlines to come to Los Cabos.  He presents the business case to them so they’ll see how lucrative that venture will be.  Since the airline planning departments are filled with mathematicians who study the business data, Rodrigo comes prepared.  And having data that looks so attractive, he’s able to convince airlines to come to Los Cabos regularly.

One key metric used by airlines is revenue per mile per passenger.  To explain, after calculating the fuel expense along with all other costs vs. a ticket price that people can afford, they determine the benefits of coming to a destination like Los Cabos.

American Airlines and others come to Los Cabos frequently, bringing people from the United States and Canada. But additionally, Rodrigo presents his business case to other airlines throughout the world.  As such, he attracts airlines from South America, Europe, and the middle east, as examples.

The realization about Los Cabos’ popularity

After airlines learn about the Los Cabos destination from Rodrigo, they quickly realize how popular it will be for the people in their region.  As such, more and more visitors from around the world discover Los Cabos and quickly fall in love with this amazing destination.

Even in the United States, Rodrigo convinces airlines to fly to Los Cabos from other cities like Miami.  He shows them that there is already a great deal of traffic taking place from those places.  That means, people from Miami don’t have to drive far to fly to Los Cabos – they can fly there from their own airport.

Reasons for the great popularity of Los Cabos

Named “The World’s Aquarium” by Jacque Cousteau for its amazing biodiversity, the Sea of Cortez is quite a natural wonder. To begin, The Sea of Cortez is the most biologically diverse body of water on Earth. As such, this body of water supports over 900 varieties of fish. On top of that, it supports over 2,000 species of marine invertebrates. Also, It is home to many endemic species. These are creatures that only exist there, and nowhere else.

Don’t miss your opportunity to watch some of the largest creatures on Earth in their natural habitat. Read on and learn how to get the most out of your Cabo whale watching experience. If you’re planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas during the winter or early spring, you’re coming at the perfect time to schedule a Cabo whale watching tour. To be specific, the best months for Cabo whale watching are December to April.

Flying to Los Cabos

The Los Cabos International Airport was renovated and expanded back in 1997. This was done by Mexican architect Manuel De Santiago-de Borbón González Bravo, the great-grandson of Queen Isabella II of Spain.  And, the expanded airport has two terminals.  To specify, Terminal One operates the domestic flights in Mexico, and Terminal Two handles all of the international flights.

This airport handled 5,549,600 passengers in 2021, and in 2022, 7,019,300 passengers, 63% of those coming from international destinations. And, there are a wide variety of facilities and services within the Los Cabos International Airport terminals.

Next, uncover all there is to know about Los Cabos Mexico and beyond.

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