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Best time to visit Cabo, Bay of Cabo San Lucas, Your Cabo Home, Humberto Escoto
Best time to visit Cabo, Bay of Cabo San Lucas, Your Cabo Home, Humberto Escoto

Best time to visit Cabo right ahead!

If you’ve been wondering when is the best time to visit Cabo, your timing is amazing! October is the best time to visit Cabo for sure. And there’s more! This wonderful time lasts until the end of Spring, with events that span throughout!

Now, let’s dive into what makes the coming months the best time to visit Cabo, one-by-one. Then, check out where to go and where to stay. After that, learn how to own your own real estate in this amazing place, when you fall in love with Cabo as most do.

Read on to discover what makes the coming months the best time to visit Cabo!

High season in Cabo begins in October

To kick off high season in October, Sammy Hagar, the owner of Cabo Wabo Cantina, holds live concerts right there in downtown Cabo San Lucas to celebrate his birthday. That means, October ignites the high season with a bang! Also in October, the world-famous fishing competition called the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament is the most prestigious fishing competition in Cabo. This competition offers the highest winnings of any sports-fishing tournament in the world.

Celebrate Thanksgiving during the best time to visit Cabo

Thanksgiving is a major ordeal in Cabo, where many local restaurants offer delicious turkey dinners with all the fixings. The restaurant called Solomon’s Landing has traditionally hosted a Thanksgiving Day dinner event for many years. Also, other restaurants along the marina and in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

As you’ll learn, many visitors prefer to spend the holidays in Cabo rather than back home. On top of that, many of them return annually to visit Cabo every Thanksgiving. Cabo San Lucas also holds an annual 5K Turkey Trot road race where the Top three in every age category receive free turkeys.

What to expect during the Cabo winter months

While winter brings the coolest months, with temperatures reaching 75°F on most days, the climate during winder is amazing. To begin, the waters are quite warm and are great for snorkeling and diving during this time. Then, these cooler conditions remain through February, prior to warming up in springtime.

When you plan to spend the holidays in Cabo, don’t miss the fireworks celebrations on New Year’s Eve. The waterfront is lit up by a spectacular display, which creates a truly memorable way to bring in the New Year. Also, it adds another reason for it being the best time to visit Cabo.

Whale watching in Cabo begins in December!

The month of December begins whale-watching season in Cabo. So don’t miss your opportunity to watch some of the largest creatures on Earth in their natural habitat. Now, learn how to get the most out of your Cabo whale watching experience. If you’re planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas during the winter or early spring, you’re coming at the perfect time to schedule a Cabo whale watching tour.

The Sea of Cortez has been a prime birthing spot for Humpback whales for centuries. And since they navigate around Land’s End, you can’t beat the best whale watching in Cabo! First, the whales feed and grow in the cold waters of the Arctic sea during the summer. Then, they make their way down to Baja California to mate and nurse their young. In the spring, the whales head north once again, now with their brood. But, it’s before they leave when they offer the unique experience to see these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Whales that migrate from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortez

Humpback whales and Pacific Grays migrate to the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific to give birth and breed every winter.  Cabo offers a variety of safe and fun whale watching tours.  Cabo whale watching tours leave from Los Cabos’ Marina making their way to Pelican Rock.

Once in Pelican Rock, visitors can swim in the crystal clear waters and snorkel to see the bright tropical fish reefs before heading on out to whale watch.  Due to the abundance of whales during this time of the year, there’s no need to go far out to sea in order to observe them in their natural habitat!

These whales travel about 3,000 miles during a 10- to 12-month gestation period. Above the ocean, their breathtaking performance is a way of communicating with other whales, and below the surface, they produce a wide range of fascinating singing sounds. Humpback whales can reach sizes of over 50 feet in length and weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. They are perhaps the most famous species of whales for breaching, which is on full display near Cabo.

Whale watching tours during the best time to visit Cabo

Whales are beautiful, graceful, and unfortunately often endangered creatures that not everyone has a chance to see, so whale tours are popular if you’re visiting Cabo.  Secure your tour place early and avoid the crowds!

Schedule your whale watching tour as far in advance as possible, as these tours are usually in high demand.  It’s only in winter and early spring that these tours are available.  So if whale watching is important to you, make sure you schedule your trip to Cabo during those times.

During your tour, the boat’s engines are turned off to keep whales unbothered and to ensure they come close. That way, you can follow the whales and get closer to them ensuring a breathtaking experience.  Every whale tour crew is highly trained, and they’re aware of the importance of respecting nature and guaranteeing the safety of their passengers.  They’ll also teach you about the behavior of the whales and much more fascinating facts and info.

After you’ve experienced the best whale watching in Cabo, be sure to learn all there is to know about Los Cabos and Beyond.

Enjoy Christmas in Cabo with your family and friends

Set your sights on pristine sandy beaches and palm trees making Cabo the best place to spend the holidays!  As such, leave your thick coat and winter-wear at home and fill your luggage with swimsuits and flip flops instead.

When you come to Los Cabos Mexico for Christmas, don’t lug a bunch of toys, other gifts. Instead, give the gift of Los Cabos excitement. For example, go on snorkeling tours and explore the area. Then, plan a romantic date night at a gourmet restaurant near the beach. For the kids, let them pick a unique Los Cabos tour that caters to them. That way, everyone will receive meaningful gifts they’ll remember for a lifetime.

While planning your Christmas in Los Cabos Mexico, take some time to make your reservations and book your tours ahead of time to make this dream a reality. And once you’re in Los Cabos, just kick back and relax with your family and friends, spending your days making memories and enjoying quality time together.

The biggest celebration for locals in Cabo is Christmas Eve, when families gather to feast and exchange gifts, often staying up late into the night to celebrate. And when it comes to Christmas dinner, many of the meals include some of your favorites, like turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. But also, meals come with Mexican traditional Christmas plates that you’ll enjoy as well.

Cabo is the best place to celebrate New Year!

Cabo San Lucas thrives with culture, making Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Cabo a truly unique and wonderful experience. Therefore, immerse yourself in the Mexican culture and learn all the ancient traditions and historic religious ceremonies. Although Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Cabo offers you the chance to have new experiences and enjoy new traditions, it still offers those wonderful Holiday aspects that we all adore: unity, love, and ugly Christmas sweaters!

Next, enjoy the countdown to the new year at Cabo’s most popular New Year’s Eve spot: Medano Beach. Being Cabo’s most famous beach, Medano Beach is sprinkled with several outstanding oceanfront restaurants and bars, all of which host extraordinary New Year’s Eve celebrations. In addition, if you’re looking for a quieter evening close to home, some of the top resorts host their New Years Eve Cabo San Lucas party right on the shores of the stunning beach.

What to expect during Springtime in Cabo

Spring in Cabo is all about spring break. The city has become one of the top destinations for students looking to spend their holiday in Los Cabos in the sunshine. During these weeks, the city is buzzing with parties on the beaches, in the pools, and on the boats during the day.

Visitors can also catch the end of whale-watching season around this time, as well as heading out on boat trips to see the famous arch that marks Land’s End.

Summer is the Cabo off season

Summers in Cabo are best spent by the beach. That is the reason many visitors head to the area during summertime. Cabo has a huge choice of picturesque beaches, such as Medano Beach, Chileno Beach, and Los Cerritos Beach. These are best enjoyed during the driest months of the year, which fall between May and July, when the skies are clear and temperatures reach around 85°F most days.

The waters are also warm and ideal for surfing. Thanks to swells from the Southern Hemisphere, waves are consistent at most beaches, making for perfect conditions for new and experienced surfers. The beaches also tend to be less busy after the spring break parties have finished during March and April, meaning visitors, including young families, can enjoy the area at a slower and more relaxed pace.

Buying real estate in Cabo

If you’re looking for the best place for real estate outside the US or Canada, you’re in the right place. As you’ll see, there are many reasons why buying real estate in Cabo is a great choice. So whether you’re looking for a vacation rental or are interested in buying real estate in Cabo, check out the Cabo communities that will truly amaze you!

This awe-inspiring region is at the southern end of the Baja California peninsula. It’s called Land’s End and is a world-renowned location.  There, you’ll find the famous city of Cabo San Lucas, which boasts the greatest nightlife scene in all of Cabo.  Then, there’s San Jose del Cabo, the peaceful fishing town that inspires the senses of those who visit.  Finally, nestled in the middle of these two beautiful towns lies the Golden Corridor, stretching between them.

Buying pre-construction projects Cabo San Lucas and beyond

An important item to look for with a development under construction is that it is on the move.  To explain, it’s important that there are people on the construction site making progress.  Also, who is the developer?  If the developer has a strong reputation, you will be confident that the project will complete on time and at the highest standards.

Developments under construction allow you to purchase early at a lower price.  That means, the value is rising during construction.  By the time you move in, the value will be higher, sometimes much higher, than your purchase price.  And the earlier you buy, the lower the purchase price.

Are there disadvantages? Of course, and that’s why I’ll tell you which are the red flags you should pay attention to before investing your money.  As such, I’ll always ensure that developers have great reputations. Also, I’ll ensure that the contracts protect you as much as they protect them.

The immigration process in Mexico

Prior to buying a home in Mexico, you must have an immigration form.  Recently, the process for filling out that immigration form has changed.  As such, the latest immigration process is to fill it out online.  This isn’t required for the average tourist coming into Mexico. But, for those who seek to purchase real estate in Mexico, it’ll be required.

When you decide to buy a home in Mexico, you’ll need a tourist visa to close the sale.  Many clients don’t have that tourist visa when they start the process.  We quickly inform them that when they decide on buying real estate in Cabo, they need that visa. Present this to the notary at closing.

Once you buy real estate in Cabo San Lucas and beyond, you are no longer a “tourist.”  As such, it’s important to attain a Resident Visa.  Owning property means paying property taxes along with other legal obligations in Mexico.

The first Resident Visa is the Temporary Residency Visa.  Then is the Permanent Resident Visa.  The Temporary Visa must be renewed. You must have a Temporary Visa for at least four years before getting your Permanent Resident Visa.

Temporary Resident Visas can be one, two, or three year visas.  Then, they simply get renewed or updated to permanent.  It all depends on your own situation and how long you stay in Mexico.  Also, it allows you to earn income in Mexico.

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